Welcome to the Cob Workshop Classroom

I want to welcome you to the Cob Workshop Classroom!

This is the launch of something new and exciting for the cob and natural building community, and I want to acknowledge and thank you for helping to make it a reality!

The first month's core content can be found under the following categories:

More learning content coming soon! Check the Blog's right-hand sidebar for upcoming content updates.


  • Mark L

    Reply Reply December 5, 2014

    Hi Alex

    The 'Foundation One' mentioned on the Blog's sidebar yesterday is no longer there and I can't find the content anywhere in the Workshop Classroom.

    Thanks for the great work in putting this workshop classroom together.


  • anne o

    Reply Reply December 5, 2014

    looking forward to getting started with the course and meeting other class mates. thanks a million for this great opportunity to learn about this wonderful art of building. i am really excited and tuned in big time.

    • Alex

      Reply Reply December 5, 2014

      Hey Anne! Glad to have you.
      Remember to post your questions on the lesson pages if you have any.
      I have facebook commenting integrated currently, but let me know if I should turn on this commenting system as well for those pages.

  • Evelynn M

    Reply Reply December 9, 2014

    I'm looking at sight location deciding on my list of cob projects with the estate

  • anne o

    Reply Reply December 11, 2014

    hi alex,

    can you give us some idea as to what this 392 sq foot house will look like, aprrox. when its finished.

  • Philip J

    Reply Reply December 12, 2014

    Hi Alex, we are looking forward to having a crack at a small building like a pump shed first to see how we go. We need to set aside some time and involve our kids for their education. Onwards and upwards! Many thanks from Downunder.

  • anne o

    Reply Reply December 12, 2014

    ok i guess it is the same of the one on the lesson page. anyway i would like to build a art and craft workshop, do you think this would be a suitable size? i will probably do classes of about 10 people. how will the inside of the building look, or is it up to oneself?



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